To all of you bold Bonsai lovers out there

Allow me to formally introduce myself!  My name is Matt Reel, I am currently 23 years of age and come from Portland, Oregon of the U.S.A.  My addiction to Bonsai began when I was a 14-year-old teenager; upon graduating high school, with the help of many great friends, family, and mentors, I somehow landed myself in a small town called Obuse, located in Nagano-prefecture, Japan.  Since that fateful day 5 years ago, I have been eager to gain as much knowledge possible under the expansive wing of my master (Oyakata, or to an apprentice, very strict yet caring father figure/teacher) Shinji Suzuki.  I have learned to fly and am now maturing in the last thralls of my apprenticeship; it is therefor my wish to share with you what I am beginning to understand after all this time.  I come back to you now, old friends, so let us enjoy the wonders of all that is Bonsai!

Enjoy the read~


10 thoughts on “To all of you bold Bonsai lovers out there

  1. Jim Reel

    Matt…I am proud of you and I am looking forward to following your recounting of your experiences over the last 5 years and into the future. Keep up the good work. Love…Jim, Marissa, and Nathan.

  2. Brian

    Hi mat
    Where are you. I am the old fart that brought you and Tyler the beer on that warm spring afternoon when you and Tyler ,Shinzi and the other apprentice were working on one of those huge red pines in the entrance way. I still thank you and Tyler for your hospitality. It was a great afternoon . What are your plans for the near future now that the artisans weekend has been postponed until 2015. I have found another great source for yamadory . Cheaper than Anton’s and great quality. This fellow did his time in Japan as well but don’t know what nursery he served his sentence at. When you get back home and get settled I would like to make contact again. It would nice if you could make a trip up here to see what we do and how we do it. You can stay here, have lots of room and my trees could use the help. Hope to hear from you know how busy you guys are.
    All the best and good luck
    Brian ( vancouver island, bc)

    1. reelbonsai Post author

      Hey Brian, it was great meeting you this spring, and thank you for the beer that was a classy move on your part.
      I could be back for some work this October, not positive yet… I will be back in Portland for good sometime next Spring, after Kokufu wraps up. I would love to make it up to your neck of the woods when I get back. In the meantime I’m going to stay busy and keep getting better here, just about to start working on a new post for all my loyal followers, its been too long!
      Keep in touch and great to here from you! Oh, I’d love to have those pics you were taking of us somehow, my email is Have you done anything with them yet??

      take care my friend,
      Matt Reel


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