Intimidating Clients

Just got home after another late-ish night in the workshop.  What does one do when being plagued by unsettling thoughts or experiences?  Put them on their blog immediately before they become repressed!!!  On that note I would like to share with you now such an experience that involved working on a clients tree.

Clients Red Pine before wiring

One day about a month ago my Oyakata (Mr. Suzuki) came back from an auction with a van full of new material.  One of the following days we put this tree on display inside the main greenhouse (the nicest of the 4) keeping in mind that one of our big-spending clients would soon pay a visit and reap the benefits of Oyakata’s findings.  Well, he really liked this tree, and was keen on making it his, which would mean more work for me!  Having been de-wired soon after entering the nursery (very bad scarring on 80 % of the branches) I would need to be careful and not cause the poor old guy any additional stress.

After wiring

I didn’t want to over-work the branches with unnecessary wire; the branches were all there, they just needed some lift and more light to balance the overall strength.  I remember the day I started working on this tree because they don’t usually happen like that day.  Our client had made his way into the workshop (taboo in some nursery’s) and began critiquing my work before I had barely  managed to put on a few pieces of wire!  He went on with his dialogue, stating that if he was not satisfied with my work, he would re-set the branches himself; I smiled and tried to explain that I wasn’t close to being finished when Oyakata entered the workshop too.  He gave me a slight nod of understanding and told Mr. Takahashi, “don’t worry, Matt knows what he is doing.”  It was indirect but his words gave me the confidence.  Later that night I made a phone call thanking Mr. Takahashi for a bottle of  Ballentine, guess he had a good day.

More to come soon keep me on your radar!


7 thoughts on “Intimidating Clients

  1. Greg Brenden

    Howdy Matt–I like what I see so far! All I can say is hang in there…a little Latin for the intimidating clients ‘illegitimus non carborundum’ or don’t let the bastards wear you down in plain English 😉

    Keep ’em coming–Greg

  2. John Brocklehurst

    Hi Matt,
    Nice to see you blogging !
    I’ve just bookmarked your page, so I’ll be returning on a regular basis for updates.
    Looks like you’ve got some catching up to do…5 years worth !
    I look forward to seeing what you’ve been up to.
    Happy New Year from the UK.


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