White Pine Cascade

It can be refreshing getting back into the world of blogging.  Writing was always a passion of mine, finding time for it can be another story though… hoping to produce more insightful posts before the end of my apprenticeship here in Japan, coming soon!   Perhaps not as soon as I imagined… so please bare with me here.  I may become (or already am) the longest staying foreign apprentice to study Bonsai in Japan.  Here is another sample of some of the wiring I’ve been doing here at Mr. Suzuki’s nursery here in Nagano, JP.  Hope you enjoy.

Goyomatsu – before

Goyo – after styling

Cascade style tree’s always look at home on a nice root stand (nejouku.)  The current pot is a little strong and over-powering, even though it is a dominating cascade.  A nice round or Nanban style pot would be more fitting for the overall balance of this tree and display.

That’s all for now, just a simple before and after.  Stick with me I’ll need all the support I can get during my 7th year. I am constantly surprised at the broadness of Bonsai, how it manages to tie everything together in unexpected ways.  Look forward to sharing my work and experiences with all of you in the year to come.  My old English teacher in high school (he taught Eastern philosophy and religion in my first year) always taught me two things: “repetition breeds mastery,” and “work hard, but don’t work your ass off.”  This year I’m sure I will be doing both.




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