Whipped back into shape, with love

This Shimpaku was once owned by a man named Oguchi, a famous Bonsai collector.  I believe it appeared in one of his books over 20 years ago, when I find the photo I’ll be sure to include it next time, old records are great informers.

I worked on this tree for last years Kokufu.  At that time only detail wiring and an overall balance check were necessary.  Here is how it looked last winter.


Its current owner brought it back to us this summer for work, it ended up needing to be completely de-wired, deadwood cleaned, and rewired.  When over half is cutting in its usually better to just take it all off and let the tree rest.  In this case, however, Mr. Suzuki had other plans.  I later found out that this tree now belonged to my teacher, and being the multi-talented kind of guy that he is, he decided the tree was healthy and ready to be passed on to another.  Easier said than done, yes?  It became my lucky day; I was to rewire it in a soft and unobtrusive manner (avoiding wire scars) keeping in mind that simplicity in technique was required in order to do this old Juniper justice.  Having worked it before, I had a pretty solid idea about what needed to be done, so I went to work.  here are the results!




13 thoughts on “Whipped back into shape, with love

  1. Brian

    Hi Matt
    Good to see you back on the blog. So what’s it going to be another year in Japan or a job back in the states. Good luck either way.
    I think we are coming back to Japan in 2015. If you are still in obuse will make the point of stopping in again only this time I will bring the beer with me the first time and possibly I can have one with you guys.
    Will Tyler still be there. Anyway stay safe and I will see you at the artisans in 2015.
    Cheers, Brian from van island

    1. reelbonsai Post author

      Hey Brian,

      I replied to one of your comments you left me a while back, did you not see it? I’ll be back in Portland this coming March, 2014. Would be cool to make it out your way, we can have a beer together then! Thanks a lot I’ll give Tyler your regards.


  2. Ryan Nichols

    Hey Matt,
    Nice work! I have the photo from the Oguchi book if you haven’t found it yet. Let me know and I can email it to you.


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