Fall Work in the States

I’ve been keeping busy even though I’ve been at home for the past 2 weeks.

It always amazes me, seeing all of these faces emerge in our bonsai realm; new and old from all corners of the world, near and far.  Through Facebook and blogging, it seems as if anyone can be a bonsai master.  The same trend is occurring in Japan, the place I have resided for just over 7 years now.  Although bonsai can be a very complicated art with many facets, keeping it simple with a light heart and open mind will allow us and our bonsai to evolve.  A lot of things seem to be at a stand point in America still, including some of the bonsai and practitioners doing it professionally for a billion years.

However, more than ever before, there is serious competition for people trying to make a name for themselves.  This doesn’t scare me because my work will speak for itself, I’m just a new face about to take the plunge.  As long as I have passion for bonsai it has to be my way or the highway, no easy exits for this son.  I know it will never be easy, but it will always be fun, and I can’t do it alone.  I really appreciate all the support given by awesome individuals throughout the years, and I say thank you, with a blog post.  I was called back to Dayton, Ohio to work on the private collection of Luzia Bernstein for some Fall maintenance.  In the following you will see photos of what we accomplished in 3 days.  Shortly after arriving in Dayton, Luzia taxied me off to the Dayton bonsai club meeting where I did my first solo workshop, many thanks to the club for having me and making it an enjoyable experience!  Unfortunately nobody photographed the event…



This is a shore pine grown by Gary Wood, and now its first styling


Here we have a cork bark black pine imported from Japan, also displayed in the US National exhibition



Before and after of a small Itoigawa, still in need of a little adjustment…


I repotted and changed the angle of this Ponderosa last spring, and here it is rewired


We will change the angle dramatically next spring, for now it rests after having the wire removed


Luzia loves her accents, gotta have ’em!


The recently wired trees were put in the greenhouse for winter protection, with temperatures already reaching in the negatives over night.


I believe this is a Pomegranate, lowered some branches last time.  This is how it looks now after trimming back.



A nice black pine grown by none other, Gary Wood



Hope you all enjoyed, this is how things looked at the end of the last day.  Thank you Luzia for your amazing hospitality!


2 thoughts on “Fall Work in the States

  1. Brian

    Hi Matt
    Good to see you back on the blog. How much will you be going back to Obuse. How is your little buddy Tyler. Hope he is well. Must be lots of snow in Obuse by now. Me and my wife are in the middle of 5 days polar bear watching in Churchill Manitoba . We are right on the Canadian Shield , just rock , -22 or for you about -10 f and boy is it ever cold. Besides seeing 3 polar bears today, you should see the trees. Literati bonsai are everywhere . Most under 4 ft and well in excess of 2 or 3 hindered years old. I will share some photos when I get back home and organized. Until then keep your shears sharp.
    All the best
    Brian McGrath
    Qualicum beach, BC, Canada

    1. reelbonsai

      Hey Brian

      It must be amazing where you are, and I am envious! Tyler and myself are well, heading back to Obuse soon and will be there until March. Would love to see some of your photos, take care out there on the ice, I look forward to catching up soon!



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